Epic Mobile Rounding Tools

A new innovative feature aimed at enhancing documentation on infection control practices within hospitals to empower efficiency and digitalize healthcare record.


UX Designer


May 2023 – Aug 2023


1 UX Designer
1 Product Manager
1 Developer


Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
User Journey
Product Strategy
I contributed to the overall design process and oversaw aspects related to product scoping, user flows, wireframes, prototyping and usability testing. I conducted user research, communicated with clients to produce viable ideas.

What is Epic Systems?

Epic Systems is a privately held healthcare software company that provides electronic health records (EHR), health information systems, and related services to healthcare organizations. Epic is one of the leading providers in the healthcare IT industry. The company's software is used in a wide range of medical facilities, from large hospital systems to independent practices, to manage patient care, clinical data, and administrative functions.

Summer at Wisconsin!

This summer, I immersed myself in an innovative project at Epic Systems, focusing on the Epic Mobile Rounding Tools aimed at revolutionizing infection control documentation in hospitals. As a UX Designer, from May to August 2023, I led the development of a new feature that not only digitizes healthcare records but significantly enhances the efficiency of Infection Preventionists (IPs).

My role involved creating a holistic learning vision for the Mobile Rounding Tools, which I scaled from concept to execution in collaboration with a product manager and a developer. We aimed to replace outdated paper-based systems with a robust mobile application that enables real-time, comprehensive documentation practices across hospital departments.

❀️ this work is under NDA~

If you're curious about my work, experience, and design works at Epic Systems, free feel to reach out to {yimeichen@andrew.cmu.edu}!