Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, I’m Monica😉

🎓 Currently a grad student at @CMU HCII, previously at @Cornell CIS, @Epic Systems.

I'm a designer with the intention to understand the efforts being made in problem-solving. I strive to be a valuable contributor in the real-world design industry!
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When I am offline......

Watching Musicals......

<Singing Seasons of Love 🎵 ➡️
Yes, my favourite show is RENT.>

I have been a huge musical fan since 2018, watching over 10+ musicals and flying out to various shows. I can proudly say that I have watched every musical currently showing on Broadway at least once!

Photographing eSport......

<Supporting WBG & DK 📷 ➡️
And, my favourite player is Crisp.>

I had been in-person for League of Legends Season 12, where I enjoyed capturing moments of players' victories and defeats, or witnessing new dynasties. Not a best gamer but a good audience!

Joining Theaters......

<Becoming Light Director🪄➡️
My proudest show is Like Shadows.>

For more than 3 years, I was a member of the Cornell Chinese Dramatic Society, where I was the lighting director for 6 shows. While not standing on the stage, I can also experience different lives behind the scenes.

Enjoying Reading......

<Writing my journey 📖 ➡️
My highest likes in Lofter is 1500+💖.>

Since 3rd grade, I've been writing stories for over a decade. Being myself while reading and writing has  been my lifelong private passion. My favorite authors are García Márquez, Virginia Woolf and Eileen Chang.

Traveling Endless......

<& Have been to 20+ countries ✈️
Next one on plan is Japan🇯🇵.>